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Charity Rides   

Hummer Charity Rides
Donate to the Calaveras Youth Mentoring program
and earn rides in a 1997 Hummer H1 - The  BumbleV
This is the original Military based H1 Hummer Model.
The BumbleV uses Biodiesel fuel and can seat up to 8 people.
 Makes a great gift for anyone young or old.
Awesome for graduation, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays or just for fun.

Moab Utah 1998

Winter Seating
The BumbleV holds a total of 6 people. So you can book up to 5 seats.
1) Front copilot  2) Rear Left 3) Rear Right
4)Jump Right - 5)Jump Left 
Jump seats are small seats i.e. small people under 5'8 fit ok.
All 6 seats have belts and are DOT certified.
Any children under 80 pounds must have a child seat
and must sit in seat position three or four.

How Does it Work
Find a date you would like to reserve then e-mail us and see if your date is available.
We offer many methods of starting your trip. We can pick you up and drive you around to your friends and family before heading off for an adventure. We can meet you at an off road trailhead, church (yes we can be your limo for that special day), school, friends house or whatever. Your time starts when we pick you up.

Rubicon Trail 1997

Donation Cost
$15 per hour per person. 2 people minimum. Three or more $40 an hour.

Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program
100% of your donations go directly to the
Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program.

The Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program is a program of the Calaveras County Office of  Education. Supporters include Calaveras County Mental Health Department, Calaveras County Behavioral Health Services, Prevent Child Abuse Calaveras Council, and the Calaveras Community Foundation.  Contact Kathryn Eustis or Frank Orlando for further information.

Gift certificates available. We offer limited off road trips.
Trail discussions and group trips can be arranged upon request. 

Drop me a e-mail if you would like to reserve a day. Limited dates available.

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