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K&N Air Filter for Diesels models  206.25.022 $124.95 
A six step maintenance system designed to recharge a K&N Filtercharger Air Filter. Completely restores air flow efficiency so your Filtercharger performs like new. 
Kit includes oil (spray or squeeze bottle), 12 oz. filter cleaner and service decal. 
206.25.100 Recharger kit - 6.5 oz spray oil. $9.95 
206.25.101 Recharger kit - 8 oz squeeze bottle $7.95


Red Line Engine Oils are designed to provide the highest degree of protection and cleanliness with the lowest friction for your gasoline, diesel, motorcycle, or marine engine. We use the most stable synthetic components available and formulate our products for wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of engine operating conditions. Red Line lubricants are unique because they contain polyol ester base stocks, the only lubricants which can withstand the tremendous heat of modern jet engines. This high-temperature stability makes our motor oil a necessity to properly lubricate a turbocharger or hot-running engine. 

15W40 DIESEL ENGINE OIL - Highly resistant to thermal breakdown. Provides double the detergency and acid neutralizing ability of conventional petroleum oils for maximum engine cleanliness. 
516.03.108 15W40 Diesel engine oil - $ 8.95 
516.03.100  10-40 Gas engine oil - $7.95 
516.03.104  5W30 Gas engine oil - $7.95 

Red Line Transmission Lubricants are designed to provide excellent temperature shiftability and improved gear protection at higher temperatures. Efficiency improvements between 1-5% are typical. The synthetic base stocks used have tremendous thermal stability and provide the best film strength available. 
D4 ATF - synthetic Dexron III and Mercon fluid meeting the requirements of most transmission manufacturers, while satisfying GL-4 
gear oil requirements. Superior stability allows high-temperature operation without varnishing valves and clutches. Also provides 
tremendously improved shifting in cold weather. 
75W90 GEAR OIL - recommended for most street driven and racing differentials. Excellent performance in conventional and limited-slip units. 
516.03.109  D4 ATF Dexron III   $7.95 
516.03.105  ATF Dexron II          $7.95 
516.03.104 75W90 Gear Oil         $7.95 

RED LINE® Diesel Fuel Additives promote better fuel combustion and fuel system lubrication. They provide faster ignition , reduce detonation, reduce smoke, and improve engine efficiency. Extremely powerful high-temperature detergents clean fuel injectors. Lubricants significantly lengthen injector and pump life and reduce ring friction which is very important for today's low sulfur fuel. Both Red Line Diesel Fuel Catalyst and 85 Plus are available as a winterized version which will reduce the pour point of a typical fuel by 25°F. 

Hella European H4 Headlights Hella H4 european headlights are a direct bolt in and very simple to install. They come stock with 55/60 watt bulbs and can be upgraded to 55/100. To go to any higher wattage bulbs relays are recommended. 
716.94.115 7" round H4 Headlights     $44.95 each 
716.94.127  55/100 watt Replacement bulb  $13.95  
More Information on Relays 
Check out this lighting application chart.
Heatshield Deflector for windshields Heatshield windshield sun deflectors are great for keeping the inside temperatures down on those hot days. Two piece design and easy to install. 
636.07.120 Heatshield Deflector $29.95
Momo Steering Wheel  Leather Momo Shuttle steering wheel with optional center pad. Gray and black leather with yellow center button. 
Visit Momo's web site for pics of all their steering wheels 
Use SPS to find prices on different models 
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View of Hella interior & map light
  • Hella interior light mounted on center windshield support fully adjustable 360 degrees. Wired into dome light switch so it turns on when opening the doors, with the dome light switch or with the alarm remote. 

  • 616.96.421 $33.95 
  • Hella flexible stalk map light. This light plugs into any lighter socket and is a must have for any Hummer

  • 616.96.422 $29.95
    Hella Micro FF driving light Hella Micro FF driving light mounted in the military infrared light space. The Micro FF Fog and Driving Lamps are a super compact design using Free-Form reflector technology so performance is like a much larger lamp. The fog lamp is the world's first aftermarket fog lamp with a completely clear lens. 
    Use SPS to find prices on different models 
    SPS  Speedy Parts Search- Find Parts and Prices FAST
    Garvin Brush Guard with Hella fog lights Hella 550FF fog lights mounted on a Garvin brush guard. 
     Use SPS to find prices on different models 
    SPS  Speedy Parts Search- Find Parts and Prices FAST
          Hella back-up lights Hella sealed beam back-up lights. These great little lights are rubber encased and completely sealed. They can be under water all day with no problems. I mounted them to the Stinger brackets. 
    716.94.288 Work-Back-up lamp 35 watt $16.95
    Hella light mounted on Stinger tire rack I mounted one of the sealed lights from Hella on the spare tire carrier. This works great for lighting up the back area when cooking on the tailgate or just looking for stuff in the bed. 
    716.94.288 Work-Back-up lamp 35 watt $16.95
    Wet Okole seat covers 

    Wet Okole seat covers are like a wet suit for your seats. Great for keeping your original seats clean and dry. Available in many different colors. Includes covers for the armrests and headrest. 
    The complete set for the Hummer 2-front with armrest 2-rear without and all 4 headrest is $429.95 
    for just the 2 seats it is $219.95 

    Customer Comment on these covers: 
    Just installed these on my front seats.  First one took about 30-45   minutes, second one took about 15 minutes. It's easier if you install the seat cushion cover first, then do the seat back cover. Also, the driver side arm rest is easier to work with since the bolts are more accessible. Directions are scant but not necessary.  The arm rests have to be removed to perform the installation, and small holes must be cut in the new covers for the bolts to pass through in order to reattach the rests. This was not a big deal. Though the fit is not perfect, it is quite good.  They look sharp and I think they'll provide a bit more friction than the stock covers when on side slopes, etc.  They also provide some additional firmness to the feel of the seat.  Finally, they're waterproof, which I wanted in order to protect the stock covers from wet/muddy pants, coffee spills, etc. 

    For the installation I used:  1/2" box or open-end wrench for arm rest  bolts (ratcheting wrench would be better - socket will work on driver side but not passenger side due to lack of accessibility), small awl to start arm rest bolt holes in new covers, and x-acto or utility knife to complete bolt holes. 

    Note:  though I've not done the rear seats yet, the directions mention that the seats must be removed in order to install covers on them, due to their proximity to the  bulkhead. 

    Got 'em from Turbo Tim.  He did a nice job for me and I'd order from him again. In fact, I'll probably buy the rear seat covers from him once I've had a chance to further evaluate the front ones. 

    Anyway, so far I'd recommend 'em if you're in the market for seat covers. 
    Above written by Doug Zirkle

    Hella auxiliary marine 6 switch panel Hella auxiliary 6 switch panel. I installed this in the center console and the gray color blends in great with the interior. Waterproof exterior rubber covered switches are built for the marine environment. 4 switch panal also available 
    616.97.515 Hella Switch Panel $44.95
    Borla rear exit 96-98   Click for a system diag. Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Systems
    Hummer - The Next Generation by Michael Green 
                       96 Page Paperback $12.95 in stock 
    We also carry the full VDO Gauge line. Call or E-mail me for a catalog. 

    New Dimensions now offers Blaupunkt Car Audio systems  Visit their website then E-mail me for a flyer or prices

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